Younger kids may still appreciate pictures with little text

Reading to Children: Why Its So Important and How to Start

Younger kids may still appreciate pictures with little text. That said, you can start introducing stories that have more complex plots in them and books with more words than pictures — even chapter books. Hearing a story read aloud involves some level of comprehension on your child’s part.

Ask about their children’s favourite books and their experience reading together. You can even bring your little one with you and make it a special trip for picking out books together. I have two children one in 3rd grade and one child in kindergarden. My 3rd grader is well above the reading standards for his age. My kindergarten struggles below grade level. I have read to both of them since they were young.

Reading to Children: Why It’s So Important and How to Start

And when they’re listening, they’re more likely to sit still, develop a longer attention span, and even work on their budding memory-retention skills. It’s Show-and-Tell time in Mrs. Krupp’s class, and Billy just can’t wait for his turn! Today the class is discussing what they want to be when they grow up, and our exuberant eight-year-old hero is bursting to tell everyone about his future Books career plans. Harry Potter is being raised by his terrible aunt and uncle who try to keep him from learning he’s really a wizard. Change begins when Harry is summoned to attend a school for wizards, where he finds himself inside a mystical world he never knew existed, and closer to his own noble destiny. Such a sad story, but with a very beautiful lesson in morals and compassion.


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